If Facebook Existed Years Ago – Part 2

The first “If Facebook Existed Years Ago” was epic. This next edition has some good parts as well but it’s tough to beat the original. Helen Keller is definitely my favorite of this version. Check it out and comment below.

Source: CoolMaterial.com

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  • This first is definitely hard to beat but that’s often how it is with sequels.

  • I have to disagree w/Paco. This one was a LOT funnier than the first one.

    • Mcw

      I agre. The first one was a bit too obvious, this one was better!

  • I’m looking forward to Part 3!

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  • Jedidiah

    Helen Keller:sdjajd@(*#*R(#QKJASKDJLWJI
    Annie Sullivan: it was a good try, Helen

  • soph

    thats pretty funny but i like the first one more =]

  • Catholic Schoolz

    OMG THE POPE COMMENTS. peed my pants. thats what 10 years of Catholic school will do to you, hilar

  • Sheikia

    LMAO @ “Marie Antoinette is no longer in a relationship with Her Head”

  • When will the next version coming? :), this is just way too funny. All are just awesome. You should create some kind of comic strip out of these. Awesome!



  • Lynne

    I agree with you on the Helen Keller one being FUNNY, but the Marie Antoinette relationship one had me rolling! The ironic friend answer from BP to Exxon Valdez was pretty great too, and the Japan bombs one, esp. when it was made private, hit home too!

  • Blabla

    Chernobyl joke was too soon … Many people were dying and deformed and the area there is still unviable. Stop making fun of it. PART ONE WAS AWESOME

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