I Sure Could Go For a Cheeseburger Smoothie

So how ridiculous does that sound?  A cheeseburger smoothie.  So mouth watering and brown.  mmmmm.

Jamba Juice is taking a shot at McDonalds for their recent move into the smoothie market. McDonalds is now selling “Real Fruit” smoothies (that are actually made from purees). Jamba Juice is basically saying that McDonalds move into the smoothie market is just as ridiculous as a smoothie company blending cheeseburgers. Brilliant.

Jamba Juice is going all out in the campaign, releasing a press release describing their Cheeseburger Chill as “beefy, smothered in cheese, loaded with your favorite condiments and blended to creamy perfection.” They’ve also released a humorous video showing this delicious treat being made.

You’ve gotta give credit to Jamba Juice for not sitting on their hands while McDonalds makes a play for a portion of their market share.

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